Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Silver Lining in Prop 8 Decision Today

First of all I think its  important that the state just recognized 18,000 more marriages than they did before the decision.  Is it far far far short of equality?  Of course it is but considering that having those unions rendered null and void was one possible outcome I think it is important to note that this decision creates a very important fissure in the state's position, one which will likely have to be revisited electorally and soon.  Its a rather substantial constitutional dichotomy.

Secondly, and this is  tough, had the state Supreme Court overturned the decision the backlash would have been enormous and strengthened the bigoted and reactionary forces that oppose equal rights  in the first place.   One might say that this is an easy position for me to take as a married hetero and Im sympathetic to that argument but I would rather have gay marriage from the ballet box than the majority decision.   I'd rather have the Christian/Mormon bigots have to deal with how marginal they are rather than whine about how a court usurped supposedly the will of the people.  The tide is turning our way but I do think the way it turns is important.

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