Friday, May 15, 2009

Me and Tammy Faye Baker

Its official.  Im a crier.   If you need to cast an actor who can sob like a bitch in prison then you should really give my agent a call cause I can blubber like a baby at the drop of a hat and I work cheap.

This is a recent development.  

When I was younger I didn't do weepy very well.  I did insane explode your head intense  anger realllllly well.  Circa 1994 I could chew all the scenery  you could build 8 times a week nena problema and if that wasn't tough enough for you well....those filterless Lucky Strikes said otherwise.

That was then.

Being a husband and dad.  Letting go of dreams for a  career.  Burying a parent and sister in law much to soon.  Im not so tough these days, and I don't have so much to yell about anymore.

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