Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mormons cover Obama's Mother

It appears that deviating slightly from their guidelines the Mormons have posthumously baptized Obama's Mother.   Brew-ha-ha, outrage, scandal.   Its an easy, and maybe even cheap, observation to make but I've never understood how any religion can claim the standing  to be outraged over the practices of another.

Is posthumous Mormon baptism a tad presumptuous?  Why yes, yes it is. But in the general scope of religious practices is it any odder than believing in the rapture,or that God would prefer men not have a foreskin, or that He has an underwear preference for you?  Once you start telling people that your ritual has the power to turn bread and wine (grape juice for Baptists) into the  flesh and blood of Jesus, and that you should  then eat it, you've forfeited the right to discernment.   The factual basis for "...let there be light" is no stronger than the argument that creation sits on the back of a giant invisible turtle so it seems to me that the best thing to do is believe whatever gets you up in the morning and otherwise tread lightly lest you blaspheme the Turtle.

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