Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bush v. Gore lawyers team up for gay marriage. Now shit is weird.

This feels like a bid for a book deal or a reality show pitch.  And its a mistake.  Lets keep in mind one member of this super lawyer duo was the Solicitor General for Bush and argued on his behalf in the what may be the worst Supreme Court decision since Plessey v. Ferguson which handed conservative bigots another 8 years of power to disenfranchise gays.   Nevertheless this Batman and Robin of the bar seem to think that they can leverage their relative celebrity to right the wrongs at least one of them have enabled.  Okay, but I wish they'd both stop.

Im on record saying I don't want to see gay marriage recognized only through the courts.  Very few Americans are willing to be raging  bigots and as more and more of us realize that this is what continued opposition to gay marriage requires fewer and fewer of us will do it.  We're winning.  Slowly.  But we are.  

Now I get the point of opposition to that approach.  But the problem with conservatives is they claim to believe in natural rights, but at the same time they're quite comfortable  denying some access to those natural rights until they are forced to by the ballot.   So they don't believe in natural rights as much as they believe in majorities because they are  bullies.  Fine.  Wrong. But I can get over it.

The reality is that if these two are able to bring a gay marriage case to THIS court it will lose. It will lose by a lot.   Where would we be right now if Brown v. Board of Education had gone the other way??  That's  what we're looking at.  These two should shut up  and just donate lots of their lawyer money to gay rights' groups instead.

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