Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why can't the vegetarians and the Christians just leave the rest of us alone?

There's an odd nexus between the two in that neither group can be happy doing their own thing unless you're doing it with them, and if  you're not doing it with them its a problem for everyone.

Its a curious expression of value.  I can't think of too many other examples where people engaging in behavior they feel is inherently superior  also insist you do it too for their validation.

I like my car quite a bit but it doesn't diminish my enjoyment if you drive a different one or take the bus.   Likewise I do not encourage you to have sex with my wife.     One would think spending eternity  in paradise as  opposed to hell or having  a colon like a shiny new nickel would be enough.  Clearly both options are far better than any alternatives but that doesn't seem to give their beneficiaries any solace.

To that end here's the PETA Super Bowl ad that didn't run.  Setting aside for a moment that we shouldn't  have to say that correlation does not make for causation so the premise is bullshit, but even if it weren't, I don't think I'd be hypothetically willing to give up a big fucking cheeseburger every so often for the prospect of somewhat better sex.  I do need some sleep and I love cheese melted on meat, and really you should too....


  1. Well my experience runs a little differently....I have the misfortune of being related to two atheists, one of them a crazy, zealot activist. And they are like the two groups mentioned in this post above. They cannot let sleeping dogs lie. They make the nice little mormon guys going around knocking on doors look passive.

    They make me nuts. They cannot let you live in peace.

    I think the whole world has gone nuts. And I blame my dog.

  2. Good point, the excessively dogmatic are always a pain in the ass, but the Christians and the vegetarians ostensibly have a tangible benefit that doesn't seem to make them very happy