Friday, February 27, 2009

Punk ass Jeremy Piven.

Sure, everybody is still pissed off and hurt over my being thrown out of the makeup trailer shooting an episode of Cupid so Piven could get his bald spot tended to in private.  Those are the wounds that never heal, not really.

But this "I-cant-do-Speed-The-Plow-on-Broadway-cause-I-got-mercury-poisoning bullshit must not be allowed to stand.    Look, actors are among the worst people on earth.  Im one, I know.  Im a terrible terrible person in almost every respect as is most every other actor I've ever met.   But one thing all chump ass actors have in common is that we WORK.  If you can talk and you can walk then you can find a way to get your candy ass on stage and DO YOUR  FUCKING JOB!   I hope Equity burns his ass in arbitration.

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