Monday, February 16, 2009

Jim Crow?? It was them big-gummit libruls whut done it

Jesus-minny.  In an attempt to find an intellectual footing for their celebratory obstructionism the GOP has tried a little of everything.  Resurrect that post grad Keynes v. Hayek smackdown, argue that New Deal spending actually made the Depression worse, and pooh-pooh the whole idea that we've even got  a problem.  All with little success.

Now in an article only Jonah Goldberg could love we come to find that big-gummit backlash knows no end.  Turns out Jim Crow wasn't institutionalized racism at all you silly liberal you.  It was just another example of the ruling class keepin' the man (The White Man) down. Sure people might have been a tad racist back then Jeff Jacoby allows but by cherry picking a few examples he struggles to make the point that rational economic actors saw right through the inefficiency of Jim Crow and opposed it.   If those same people participated in lynchings or sat on juries that wouldn't convict white men of murdering blacks or went out of their way to beat civil rights activists who sat at white only lunch counters or closed their all white school system rather than admit black children well that  was.... uh...ummmm.... Well, that's just damn awkward is what that is because it kinda leads one to believe the premise is a big pile of selective bullshit.  Propaganda all dressed up like thinkin'

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