Thursday, February 5, 2009

Papist Apologia.

Its been one helluva couple of weeks for Catholicism.  Holocaust denial, continued pedophile problems,  and the machinations of a vengeful God.  At this rate I don't look for Galileo's apology to make it to the end of the month.

But sanity prevails somewhat now with the demand that the Holocaust denying, 9-11 truthing, and all around nut jobbing Richard Williamson recant, for the denying bit anyway, sort of.  One wonders though how exactly that would work.

Well it doesn't work of course because even if it should transpire we can count on it being a non apology  apology.  One of those "Im sorry if anything I've said has offended...." jobs. How do we know? Holocaust denial isn't a stand alone-er.  One denies the Holocaust as part of a larger anti-semitic world view, so the phony scholarship Williamson cites in arguing that no Jews died in the gas chambers is necessarily  linked to his belief that "Judo-Masonry" brought down the Twin Towers just as it lead us into two world wars.  So far.

The man wont simply be able to stand and apologize for ridiculous statements.  He'll have to say  that in the last week he has come to understand that Jews aren't a force for evil and that every position he has associated himself with has been factually incorrect and spiritually bankrupt.  Which of course raises the question as to why this kind of person ought to be a Bishop or fussed over to the extent that he has been de-excommunicated.

While it is marginally possible the Pope was unaware of Williamson's views (and only marginally) it is completely  impossible that others in Church government were unaware as well.  He has been de-excommunicated either because the Pope is untroubled by his positions or many in the Vatican are.  Its that simple and that ugly.

And we haven't even gotten to the part about women wearing pants or the Sound of Music.....

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