Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is Ron Paul the next William Jennings Bryant?

Well no,  not exactly but close enough for bloggin'.   I for one am fascinated by the prospect of a Gingrich, Paul, Palin primary in '12.   It would absolutely explode the GOP with ramifications no one could predict but it'd make for great theatre.   Ending the Fed is Paul's baby of course but there is real reason to doubt if he can continue to own it against more politically sophisticated opponents.

For that matter its interesting to ponder how the election in general might have been different if matters had come to a head economically somewhere around Iowa or New Hampshire.  YouTube is full of clips of Peter Schiff, a Paul advisor, accurately predicting the collapse of the housing market as well as most of the collateral damage, usually with some expert telling him  he's an idiot.  

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