Thursday, February 5, 2009

A dick with ears

And this presumably is Cheney the elder statesman??  One wonders why he waited as long as two weeks to start undermining our new President, the old man wasted time in not heckling Obama's inaugural address.  It used to be said that in matters of foreign policy politics ended at our shores but for Cheney there is apparently no sense of decorum  to be observed at all and of course any history worth writing is worth re-writing.   Cruel though it may  be to say we are all of us better served by the man being closer to his last heart attack than he is his first.

Once you've digested the absolute gall of it the necessity of this post election fear-mongering becomes clearer. Every day, minute, and second that passes without a terrorist attack on an America that observes rational and lawful governance is a direct repudiation of Cheney's legacy.  It isn't simply that he fears there will be more attacks, he needs for there to be another attack, hopefully a big one. To be redeemed.   Because if trashing the Constitution and the clumsy pursuit of a  pointless war were not absolutely necessary, if there were choices, then Cheney is just a criminal without a cause.  The justifications have only begun.

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