Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And so Bobby Rush is completely irrelevant now....

Its morning again in Illinois and on this particular morning there aren't too many citizens dumber than Roland Burris, but Bobby Rush is surely chief among them.

Lets chew on the irony for a moment before we get to the stupid.........

Rush, former radical Black Panther, apparently sees no contradiction in accepting largesse from a white criminal to advance his "higher principal".  Civil rights used to be about calling the nation to its better moral self.   For Rush though its just about keeping score, by any means necessary I guess even if it means accepting political handouts from The Man.   

Now for the stupid.  Rush bemoans the fact that there are currently no African American Senators.  True enough.   The reason for that however is that the most recent Senator of African descent has just  been overwhelmingly elected President.  Perhaps Rush has heard about this?  Either way it hardly strikes one as a situation that evidences some racial disparity that urgently needs addressing.  Isn't there some scale here?   One President has to be worth at least two Senators, it can't be a zero sum proposition.  Poor job of keeping score Bobby.

But lets just say that Bob has a point.... what if the larger interests of society really are advanced by putting a black man in this Senate seat?   If that's the case its hard to see how putting Burris, of all people, in this seat under these circumstances will advance the cause of the downtrodden.   Burris is likable enough but  he can't get himself elected  dog catcher and even under less bizzaro circumstances there is no evidence that he could hold that Senate seat in an open election.  However, under these bizzaro circumstances its clear to all but two people in Illinois  that Burris will be trounced in the next general election,  possibly  by a Republican who  will most certainly be white as there are no African American Republicans in Illinois since the mother-ship  came to collect Alan Keyes.   

If you're going to play racial identity politics you should at least do it well.

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