Friday, December 19, 2008

Cautious like how?

Every "snow event" in Chicago brings out these signs downtown.   They're in front of virtually every building dutifully making you aware of the great danger you are in.  And truth be told vast sheets of polar ice caps do coming skating down to the sidewalk and every now  and then one of these ice shelves will diminish our numbers.

From a litigious  point of view I can understand why an insurance company holding a policy on one of these Loop office buildings would want to be able to tell a grieving family "please accept our deepest sympathy but we warned the guy"

But from my point of view, the potential aggrieved party, Im not sure what course of action these signs are trying to lead me to.  What the hell should I do to extend my lifespan here?  

I've come to this zen.  If you get brained by big hunk of ice while you're walking down the street minding your own business then its pretty clear that you're meant to be dead now.  Breath into it.


  1. Finest blog entry to date! Made me a follower!

  2. I think they need signs that read, "We won't be plowing here." City Works could post it, well, pretty much everywhere.