Thursday, June 11, 2009

Those damn lying virgins.

This study claims that adult virginity is more likely among the college educated who alsoLink regularly attend church than it is among the ignorant heathen masses. Okay.  Im not sure why that's important or why I care other than two observations: 

The urologist team in question found that 13.9% or the men studied and 8.9% of women claimed carnal ignorance.  Now whenever sundry  studies find that sort of statistical disconnect between the sexes when the issues at hand deal with matters of prowess the wink-wink assumption is the men are lying.   If 25% of men report having sex eight times a week and only 12% of women report the same number then of course the men are presumed to be pitiful liars, which probably they are.  Try as I might though I can't really determine who has the greater motive to dissemble here.

And secondly the Futurepundit here relays the complaint from his church going girlfriend that too many of the guys at church were "basically pussies".   This is so true.   The largely broke-dick Promise Keepers notwithstanding muscular Christianity just has never really taken hold.  There has always seemed something basically feminine in it to me especially when compared to Islam or Judaism.  

As a teenager I began to struggle with Christianity in a way that eventually lead me to be the happy atheist I am today but I can remember thinking at the time that it would be probably be easier to get into the spirit of things if I was a girl.
It would be oversimplifying matters to say that was what a substantial issue in my apostasy but I vividly remember being in Sunday School wondering if I was the only one who thought the Gospels just sounded terribly gay.  Probably I was not.

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