Sunday, June 14, 2009

Surprising Grace.

A riot policemen is overwhelmed and beaten by a crowd of Iranians until he is saved by the rioters themselves.

Facebook and Twitter have hundreds of real time posts telling of long and wild street battles between Iranian riot police and protestors in Tehran.   These three are particularly striking I think because I don't believe it would be possible in similar circumstances for Americans on the these same opposite sides to show one another this kind of basic respect.  Many are also reporting that the protestors are chanting for their "brother policemen" to join the protests.

Taking a large leap yes,  but if the "culture wars" were ever to take to the streets here I think it would be virtually impossible for people involved to think of their shared citizenhood before their mutual disagreements.   The narrative of  them v. us is too well developed to put aside and allow for a gesture of kindness no matter how small.   

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