Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alan Greenspan and my underwear.

Words I never thought I'd be grouping together.  This is what I hate about behavirorial economics
of the Freakonomics and Nudge sort that has become the stuff of popular non fiction lately.   How anyone can continue to argue that we're rational market actors leaving an economic bread crumb trail behind us is beyond me at this point.  Maybe Im missing a lesson here but didn't we just endure a news cycle that judged another +300K jobs loss as a sign that our latest bubble bust recession might be bottoming out?  I think we did.  But fear not, underwear sales are up and that has to be good news. 

For the record I think I was almost certainly at least 25 years old before I bought my own underwear and I'd guess most straight men my age would say the same. 
It works this way;  Mom buys you underwear till you're off to college and of course you wear that high school underwear all through college assuming you wear any at all.  After that some girlfriend or other will get tired of shaking her head at the underwear Mom bought and buy you some more to her liking.  Of course those underwear last longer than the relationship usually so you wear those out into the big wide world.  Finally you wake up one day and realize the underwear dole has come to an end and you'll have to buy your own which feels gay but actually isn't.   Either way I'll never be convinced that anything of import can be divined.

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