Monday, June 15, 2009

GOPers not grasping the social aspect of social networking.

For whatever reason the sudden rush among the right wing to counter the on line networking skill of the Obama campaign and subsequent administration just makes them seem more and more like our fathers mowing the lawn in black socks and wing tips.   Its like they don't realize that other people might actually be reading their posts, as in people who aren't racist and ignorant hayseeds.  I realize there aren't many conservatives left out there but this is getting ridiculous.

First we're treated to this boob who evidently couldn't foresee that comparing an escaped gorilla to Michelle Obama's ancestors might lead to trouble so he tops it all off by claiming she started it  (?!?) and then we get another deep thinker on the right who cant resist mining comedy gold in another racist joke about Obama and aspirin being white.  

Could it be a coincidence that both these guys were from South Carolina? I think not.  When you are reduced to  a southern rural party these are exactly the kinds of dogs you'll lie with.  Its one thing to be racist but its another thing entirely to be so inept that you cannot help but reveal yourself to be a racist.  This is your GOP.

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