Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Right Wing Sour Grape Watch

Giddy  though I am Im not without some measure of sympathy for my  conservative friends in these times.    I know how hard it is to be on the outside looking in, trying to understand how I got electorally crossways with so many of my countrymen.  I voted for Dukakis after all.   

But I think its especially hard for a point of view (that insists on calling itself a movement) defined by its intellectual and moral superiority to come to terms with the fact that no member of its tribe anywhere on earth can inspire people to their better selves the way Obama has.   In the wee small hours of the night they must  ask "when did we start sucking?"    Well, some anyway might, others just can't breathe into reality and for them there's no such thing as "too petty".

Over at  the Chicago Boyz feedback loop they're harumphing about Obama's reading list but not thinking it through too well.

This guy is in a lot of pain.  In fact that entire blog needs a tissue.  The quality of thought (ahem) expressed here is the same kind that conservatives call anti-American when it pops up on the left, but these are not the sorts of things that come readily  to mind upon finding one is living in a fantasy.

Michelle is always angry but her lip seems to have an extra curl lately and it can't just be due to her jealousy of Ann Coulter

And for good measure the semi-sober ramblings of Viagra addicts brought to you from the finest trailer parks in America

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  1. I remind you - his middle name IS "Hussein." He's not even trying to hide it!!!