Monday, January 26, 2009

More Al Jazeera Please.

You should give some serious thought to reading and watching Al Jazeera more and here's why.
Yes the reporting is slanted, essentially the FOX News of the Middle East, but they do not pre-sanitize events before broadcasting.  Al Jazeera will present images and opinions you'll never get out of CNN or any other news source in America and that's a problem.  

We have an obligation to actually view how our policies are impacting people around the world and we should have a desire to see ourselves as we are seen.   Now this isn't a back handed attempt to argue any particular policy point either pro or con.   Perhaps we view the ramifications of our actions and feel just fine about it, that's okay.  The larger issue however is that we can't make reasonable value judgments about  leaders or policy if we continue  to look the other way.

We should seek out information that challenges our assumptions and our media does a poor job of that.

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