Thursday, January 29, 2009

House GOP. Some ideas would help.

With a vote that broke down largely  on party lines Obama's stimulus package passed the House and moves on to the Senate for certain tinkering and also likely passage.  However Obama's attempt at bone throwing by massaging the tax cut to spending ratio and condom dump was rewarded not at all by  the righties who are suddenly deficit hawks again.  Not one vote.  This isn't principal, its short term political gamesmanship of the variety most of the country says  they're sick of.  And it didn't create one job.

So its more than fair now to ask for the GOP's better ideas and I don't mean simply demagoguing the margins.  Now I wont go to the mat on every spending point in the bill , and heck I'll even fess up and say that at this point in the crisis I don't give a damn whose idea works as long as something does, but you cannot simply be obstructionist to appease your AM radio over lords while thousands of people lose their jobs everyday and call it leadership.  "No" isn't an answer here.  "No, but....." is.  Waiting for the "but"

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