Friday, July 3, 2009

When conservatives fight.

The hardcore intellectual right is finally starting to see Palin in the same light the rest of us did the very first time we ever heard her try to talk in her grown up voice.  She is and was a deeply cynical political play pushed on the GOP and the electorate at large by people like Rove and Kristol who don't really care what happens to the country long term if they can control the next election cycle.

That said the gloves are coming off on the right as they can't distance themselves from her fast enough. First Krauthammer calls her out on the Palin Network of all places and now Goldberg displays his talents for windsock-ery and informs us in NRO that she's "blowing it".    This is only new information for folks who have been waiting for Obama to cause chunks of sky fall on them.  The fan boys however are outraged.

In each case though its telling that even her detractors are willing to overlook her vast intellectual shortcomings for the sake of her "charisma".    Its as though they think the path back to legitimacy is just a "youbetcha" and a wink away.

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  1. When I hit "post" on this little did I know that it would have a shelf life of about 17 minutes.