Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Neurotic parenting. The Upside.

Maybe I don't have a fancy working paper or a doctorate in economics or even a mathematical acumen beyond high school algebra but this study strikes me as entirely correct except that the competition for educational placement starts welllllll before college.    I'll pat myself on the back that we didn't stress at all about our kids getting into "the right" preschool but I will admit that though our son is years away from high school we are certainly making implicit, if not explicit, choices that we think will  enhance the likelihood of his getting into "the right" high school.  And we are hardly alone in that respect or crazy.

The sweetest slice of the pie grows ever thinner and as more and more people belly up to the table it clearly incentivizes parents spending more one on one time with the kidoos.    None of which is to say that I was abandoned as a kid but I recall much more "family time" than I do direct one on one time.

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