Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This acting thing may work out yet.

At the risk of sounding prick-ish sometimes I absolutely know if Im going to get a job or not. If a role is particularly in my strike zone and I nail the audition then I have a pretty good track record of predicting whether or not that call is going to come, and my agents can totally vouch for that.

So it was back in April when I auditioned for a role in this big commercial production that has been running in town for awhile now and has "Next Stop New York" written all over it. Nailed it, nailed it, nailed it, and called my agent and said "this is happening". And I sat and sat and sat until just last week when the call finally came offering a 26 week contract for pretty sweet money considering we're talking about Chicago theatre.

I've never done a big commercial production like this and so far Im really enjoying not worrying about money when Im wide awake at 2am. Im sure I'll start to stress soon enough that I'll never work again after this but for now Im content to just have some vague anxieties about getting old and fat. That I can deal with.

The only problem is that this opportunity for me is coming at someone else's expense. The guy currently doing this role is not going to have his contract renewed for reasons I know nothing about. I feel badly for him, I know him but not particularly well. But I also kind of feel like the slightly less sickly water buffalo watching the lions take down a more unfortunate comrade. Its been me before, and it'll be me again in the future Im sure but this time it wasn't. So Im just gonna get back to this grazing I have to do and worry about the lions sometime later on.

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