Saturday, March 28, 2009

Would you like asphalt with that?

God I love this idea.  I would have to think that  the goodwill upside of branding fixed potholes or whatever else cities struggle to pay  for is much higher than paying tens of millions of dollars to re-name a stadium for your company which everyone will resent and no one will actually use.   Do you say Comisky or Cellular One Field??

That said Im not sure that a fast food chain that has struggled to shed a greasy and unhealthy image is best served by associating their trademark  with thick, gooey, stinky, tar-filled asphalt.
And the gesture may have some downside come next winter when the pothole reforms and slowly  rips  the "KFC" all to hell.  Still, probably better than a coupon in the Sunday paper.

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