Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What lack of common sense gun laws cost Chicago.

This study from the U of Chicago puts a pretty steep tag on gun violence in Chicago.  Their calculations suggest that in the aggregate the bill comes to $2.5 billion or $2,500 per households annually.

But don't jump to conclusions.  This isn't necessarily an anti gun screed.  In context  I like guns and just in case you're an officer of ATF or the Chicago Police Dept.  Im going to exercise my 5th Amendment rights as to whether or not I own any guns without proper documentation. 

Reality is this.  If Im out in the sticks of southwestern Missouri or central Oklahoma it is not at all uncommon to hear gunfire during the course of the day and it doesn't have to be deer season necessarily either.  Its not a cause for concern.  Conversely there is no good reason for me to hear a gunshot in Chicago. None.  Even if its a homeowner shooting an intruder, which doesn't happen that often but even so, a gunshot in the city is never a cause for comfort.

So why can't gun laws reflect that obvious reality??  Because of top down 2nd Amendment fanaticism.  The kind of fanaticism that says more guns lead to less gun violence.  Really?  Then why isn't gang membership one of the least violent occupations?   Really??  Why aren't places like Mogadishu paradises free of gun violence??  I think we know why.

When you live in an area where the costs of gun violence is potentially higher then clearly we have a collective interest in controlling gun access accordingly.  Not limiting it outright, but setting a higher standard for ownership for me than someone living in a county with less population than my neighborhood.  Otherwise known as common sense.

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