Monday, March 23, 2009

Toxic assets and topless chicks.

Im not sure if I actually know any women that would consider dancing in a strip club or shooting a porno to make ends meet if they lost their jobs.   And I guess you can color me suspicious of the whole story here because the free spirited grad student paying off her student loans by stripping or the saucy white collar exec shooting a porno on the side just seems to jibe a little too neatly with the hetero fantasy life of too many men to just accept it at face value.   I mean I suppose its possible that lots and lots college  women are really just bi-curious and maybe most of those letters to Penthouse were real but I don't really think that's the deal.Porn is predicated on the titillating possibility though.

One women that has gotten bit by the topless bug is quoted in the story saying "its like giving a speech, but instead of imagining everyone naked, you're  the one whose naked".   Okay.  She's probably not the grad student.


  1. "bit by the topless bug" -- ouch, sounds painful!