Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jesus, Save Me From Your Followers....

If this was just the ramblings of one wing nut then it'd be easy to dismiss, but it aint. Dreher represents the best intellectual argument that religious conservatives can summon when it comes to their support for legal bigotry and its so stunningly stupid that you have to read it several times before you really grasp how shallow it is.....

Read the whole post if you can but this is the money quote:

"...every single time its been put to a popular vote gay marriage has been a loser...unless you're prepared to call more than half the country bigots, and I have no doubt that many, perhaps most, gay marriage supporters are, and let that self serving explanation suffice, maybe, just maybe, you ought to ask yourself if there's something else going on here"


Brilliant. Put the onus of responsibility for my bigotry on the person who is being discriminated against. What is it about you gay person that makes me want to deprive you of your full rights? Maybe you should think about that before you go and call me a bigot because Im not a bad person, must be something else going on here. Sometimes other people's sheer idiocy makes me wanna beat my head against a wall, and this is one of those times.

Well let me go on record as saying that Im perfectly willing to say more than half the country is bigoted and if you honestly don't recognize that almost everyone is prejudiced against something then Im really not sure what world you're living in. Certainly not the one that me and my computer are in right now.

So how can we know finally that this is a bigoted position? Well, look at their own words. Conservatives howl to hell and back about the potential harm gay marriage is going to do to us all but when they're pressed to articulate specifically what that harm is well.... shit gets dicey for them.

They talk about "something else" other than bigotry going on here but what that something is not even God in heaven knows because they can't tell you what that "thing" is. They talk vaguely about concerns over undoing traditional norms but they can't tell you how that's going to hurt you or yours. They cannot articulate any harm to society beyond their own ick factor and that just aint gonna do it.

Look. Laws protect people against harm. Absent harm then there is no need for that law. End. Of. Story. Now of course conservatives have every right to hold whatever prejudices they like, raise their children in that prejudice, worship with people who are like minded, in fact they are perfectly free to organize every aspect of their life around it. But they are not free to petition the government to enshrine their prejudice in law for no other reason than it suits them.

This will end one day. Sadly it looks like it'll be later rather than sooner. But when it does and the sky does not fall and we go on living our lives just as we always have the children and grandchildren of these people will look at them and have no idea what the hell they were doing or why.


  1. My understanding of the conservative Christian position is that they do not want the definition of marriage to be changed from the biblical one.

    Most do not oppose civil unions that provide full legal protection for gay couples.

  2. Conservatives have every right to define marriage as they see fit within the limits of their faith. If they choose not to marry gays then fine, they don't have to. What they may not do however is foist that limitation on the rest of society. And btw which biblical definition of marriage are we talking about? The one that commands women be virgins or put to death? As in most things Christians cherry pick the parts of the bible that support their social bias rather than actually adhere to the words...

  3. Christians may not "foist" that limitation on the rest of society, but Christians may vote, and if they are in the majority, then so be it as per the rules of democracy....which is where we find ourselves now.

  4. The "rules of democracy" do not provide for a majority to legally deprive a minority of its rights. That is not democracy but mob rule. By your logic any right could be taken from anyone by a %51-%49 vote, that would include your right to worship as you see fit. You need to think through that statement more completely....