Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I almost punched the appraisal man right in the fucking nose.

So we're doing the re-fi thing at an insanely low rate and of course part of that rodeo is getting a new appraisal done so the mortgage folks can make an accurate loan to value determination. Im resisting the urge to reel off about 1,500 blistering words here over how many of these very same people just essentially pulled numbers out of their asses the last decade or so and sprayed gasoline on the flames of an out of control housing market. Maybe Im not resisting that urge very well but all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and mortgage people gotta eat too....

Anyway, we've re-fi'd before so I wasn't sweating the thing at all but.....

The guy shows up to the house, perfectly pleasant and professional and not off putting in any way. Except I got put off by the whole deal. Every time he asked a perfectly legit question, like "how old is the roof" I felt like saying "go fuck yourself". "Did you replace the furnace?" "Get the fuck out of my house right now" "How many bedrooms upstairs?" "How'd you like to have your ass kicked?"

A tad too sensitive perhaps but I think I hid it well. I hope I did anyway. If loan to value comes back with negative equity or something then we'll know he saw right through my weak phony-assed smile.


  1. This guy obviously is part of a dangerous trend.The professional is there at his request,sadly the appraiser is clue-less to the danger at hand.In todays times this type of behavior is appalling.Just look at the news a father kills his children while they sleep in their home.The children thinking they were safe....revenge was the motive.What motivates this person to even state on a blog what he thinks???...Trying to justify his religious ideology...We have to be aware where ever you go no place is safe...typically home...todays appraisal professional needed to become aware of the possible danger of their profession.This person needs help now...before he kills somebody!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh I hope this is real.......

  3. Mr. CRAZY man! if you only had a clue. Appraisers are there for your stupid ass! to help people get out of the hole in which they have dug for themselves. You might think their numbers are pulled out of their ass, but really, if you new anything at all, they are pulled right off of MRIS, which shows all recent sales in your neighborhood. (These numbers are what they are, not pulled out of their asses, as you say)! Boy do you need help, I hope you get it before you hurt someone!!!!!